Running simcado

Finding out how Simcado deals with point spread functions (PSFs) for different wavelengths. Something with poppy, I think……

Here’s some code to kick off with:

import numpy as np
import simcado

x = np.array([0, 0.4, 1.2, -2.5]) # random x,y coordinated for 4 stars
y = np.array([0, -0.6, 1.2, 1.2])
lam, spec = simcado.source.SED(spec_type=["A0V", "G2V"], filter_name="K", magnitude=[0,0])
ref = np.array([0,0,0,1])
weight = np.array([1E-10, 1E-15, 1E-12, 1E-20])

src = simcado.Source(lam=lam, spectra=spec, x=x, y=y, ref=ref, weight=weight)